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A Lady Date: Apr 19th @ 4:47am EDT
As a woman, I love my femininity, yet have been called intimidating. Being strong and clever is feminine. Being sporty and confident is feminine. We live in an age where people have begun to believe the stereotypes so strongly that they reject the truth of their own eyes and hearts. Female strength is a wonderful thing. If others have insecurity issues about that, that is their problem. Because being whom I was born to become is my pride, my well earned self esteem.A lady, as with a true gentleman, is chivalrous to others and kind. She is strong enough to show her heart, and intelligent enough to remain logical and wise. A lady is independent of spirit, yet loves others enough to let them depend on her and for her to depend on them. For these virtues are what makes our world good, this sense of nurture that extends beyond the boundaries of the self and awakens the heroine within.
Sex Drive Date: Jan 18th @ 6:48am EST
My sex drive and my imagination are at it again, the customers in the cafe are already naked and doing it over the tables... even as they sip their lattes around me. They have dialog and everything. I have become the director of my own mental porn with an audience of one.I'm never sure if my fantasies lower or raise my sex drive, are they the fuel or the foot on the gas, or both? Either way, there are days I feel as if I'm the passenger rather than the one with hands on the wheel. Good job I look normal. God, I hope I look normal.
PACES FOR SEXXX!!!!!!!!!! Date: Oct 30th @ 2:23am EDT
About public sex....
I' m gonna give you the best places for public sex without beein' caught. well , I already know about the movie theater, the backseat of your car and the airplane restroom, but how about the college classroom, the train car or the coat check room?
First of all i wanna talk about :
The shopping mall

Anyone who's ever worked at a mall knows about those rear walkways used to connect stores. The doors are usually open and no one's patrolling them most of the time. Just wait for the shoppers to look the other way and duck inside a "Mall Personnel Only" door. And because those back walkways are so quiet, it's easy to hear anyone approaching.
Nuru massage!!! Date: Oct 27th @ 1:44am EDT
Hi EVERYONE !!!I discovered a really exciting massage and i want to share it with you s NURU MASSAGE..I have decided to put this topic out there for those who wish to learn about it ...
Basically ,the Nuru massage is a "sensual" full body to body massage which is done with both "giver" and "receiver" being naked, and the "giver" starts off by applying an appropriate amount of this special Nuru gel, or lotion all over the "receivers" body and begins the massage in basically the same way as a routine full body massage, and then it moves on to a point where the "giver" starts gliding their body, and body parts (boobs or penis included) over the "receivers" body to sensually massage them, and from there, well its up to the "giver" to end it after specified time has been reached, or at any given point where the "receiver" is satisfied and is happy to finish.
In a commercial salon, the "giver" is generally the dominant partner, there is no exchanging of roles, however in certain situations, and especially in private situations, the Nuru Massage can be much more flexible in that the roles can be reversed by mutual agreement, and these role changes can be implemented or reversed, at a mutually agreed point of time during the massage.
I should point out that in certain situations, where it is mutually agreed upon, both parties "can be" the giver and receiver at the same time, and i dont think i need to explain this part any more than this, im sure most of you reading this will understand what i am talking about :) xoxo !!!
sex secrets !! the end! Date: Oct 26th @ 1:05am EDT
so here we are the end of our lessons ...let s see ...

Pretend you're doing it to Latin music. People assume thrusting can only happen in one plane, back and forth. Instead, tilt your hips in every direction. Do your best Elvis impression.

Go ahead and rent sexy movies -- women are turned on by the visuals. If we weren't, we wouldn't be ogling pictures of Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp! There have been a number of studies that were conducted to test out whether women respond to erotic imagery. Women were put into a dark room by themselves and outfitted with tiny receptors hooked up to their vaginas to measure their physical response, and then shown a variety of sexy images. What the researchers found was that most women would say that they were not turned on, while in fact those little receptors belied them! In other words, they were responding physically, but because of years of being told that women are not visual, they fooled even themselves.
Sex secret !! part 4 Date: Oct 25th @ 4:12am EDT
To have multiple orgasms, keep breathing as you feel yourself reaching your peak. Do you tend to hold your breath? Most of us do. To have a second orgasm, breathe through the first; your body can stay aroused, keeping it in the genitals rather than rushing it up to your oxygen-deprived brain.
Sex secrets!! Part 3 Date: Oct 21st @ 11:53pm EDT
Oh my !!!!! we are at my 6th secret....i wonder what left ?!!

6.Foreplay is about sparking the imagination, creating a sense of anticipation. So help your guy/girl take foreplay out of the bedroom. Give him/her a "lingerie assignment": Call him up in the middle of the day and tell him to come home with the accoutrements of his choice. By the time he completes his mission, he'll be begging for the sequel.

7.A man's frenulum is the quarter-size area on the underside of his penis. Stimulating this spot will elicit tremendous, intense sensations. So ladies, when you happen to be hovering in the general vicinity, remember to pay attention to this sensational area of his anatomy.
Sex secrets !! Part 2 Date: Oct 21st @ 3:15am EDT
New day ,new post my boys...let s go further with our sex secrets ( well mine ) hahaha:))...
3.Make one true connection a day. For example, maybe you kiss your wife,girlfriend, good-bye every morning. Slow it down. Maintain eye contact. I'm just talking about maybe 45 seconds here. It can't be perfunctory; you have to feel you've deliberately done something to create a little bubble in time and for a moment float away in it.
4 The sexiest look on earth: jewelry...and nothing else.
5.Frankly, the missionary position is the position least likely to bring a woman to climax. But there is a subtle adjustment you can make that can increase your chances of having an orgasm: the coital alignment technique, or CAT. Have your partner move his entire body up about two inches. Your partner's pubic bone will rest on top of yours so that the base of his penis presses on your clitoris. This position provides continuous stimulation of your clitoris during intercourse, increasing your chances of having an orgasm.
Sex secrets!! Date: Oct 20th @ 12:34am EDT
Hellllooooooooo my guys !! A new week ,a new day ,a new topic of week.....this week we ll talk about SEX SECRETS...i have like 20 secrets to share with you.
First secret in sex: A great sex life is about one thing and one thing only: a decision. There are so many reasons to not have great sex, and I know you know all of those. Instead, make a list of 10 reasons to have a sensual encounter with your husband,boyfriend ,slave...and on !!
2nd SECRET IN SEX : Read trashy novels aloud. It's a great way to skip dinner and a movie and move right into intimacy. It can bring a playful spirit of romance back into your relationship, and it allows you to live out the fantasy, minus the costume, with a sense of humor. The more melodramatic, the better! As the heroine rips her dress off, you can yank off your sweatshirt for effect. kISSESSSSS!! xoxo (h)
Blow jobbbbbb!!!!! part 2 Date: Oct 17th @ 4:52am EDT
As you know ,i m kind of new on of my favourite subjects it s Blow Job...!!! I love it dont have to feel bad or guilty in performing that,it s healthy and normal .It s just another way to spice up you r sex life,and also you dont need to kow any expert tricks: simply placing you r partener's penis in you r mouth will bring him loads of pleasure
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